Micko – The High Spirit

The crulity of the world seem irreversible when looking through common eyes. The high spirited ones have the essence of the healing power to those who have been shattered by the reality of the harsh world.

Descendant of Kamaku, outskirt of Asian pacific. Leigh was born under the spells of incantation, enchantment of black art and spells. Passed down from her ancestors, she possesses inclination of powers.

All things in life ends. With every wizardry and sorcery, things will end. Deep inside her prayer , Leigh saw horror and terror among many people. After her prayer session, she packs her things to go to where that screams and terror she saw. She headed Westward, the central Asia. There she came to aid of those who have been injured by the Gajser armies. Her presence quickly alerted an Islamic girl who arranges for the heroes to gather. There at the gathering, all 8 heroes met.