Cleric – Light Of Hope

They often look back into their shadowy past and dedicate their lives to the gods, gaining magical powers in exchange for their faith and service. High value on healing, the power and efficiency of clerical healing perceive that no one else can match up. Clerics can resurrect dead players rising from the dead, using blunt weapons. Clerics are dependent on being part of a group and excellent choice for the social player.

At the time of first Gaiser’s war, a pregnant woman escaped with villagers from her town to a catacomb. But the catacomb, where they moved in, was known it only from hearsay as “the cursed catacomb.” The place was already on domination of Gaiser. As they detected by them the people were brutally killed, trampled to the death. The woman before Gaiser’s sword was ready taking her death and to do everything under a promise not to kill her baby. The woman’s deal was accepted by Gaiser.

After few days of arrest, she could finally return to her village with her baby…