Assassin – The Secret Shadow

They never lose their dispassionateness within any danger situations.

Their sixth sense shows, feels threatening and tracks enemy’s movement in the darkness. They devote their energies to the pursuit of physical perfection, sharping their very bodies into deadly machines.

One of the great fighters and explorers…
They are almighty venturers and specialized in Assassination.

One day morning Chun Jin Un, a governor of main region of Hangzhou in Shong’s Kingdom, found a newborn baby in front of his house while he was opening the door. Since that time childless Chun Jin was being quite a fatherly interested in the baby, also gave her name as Sho Sho Un.
But… In the year when Sho Sho was become three years old, the greatest satanist Blackdevil invaded to kill Chun Jin’s family. While Annihilation of Chun Jin’s entire family by the bloody swords of Blackdevil, she become aware neither what was happening. In that time the Leader of Blackdevil spotted her creeping and smiling.
Some how Sho Sho was brought by the brutally Leader, grew up by Blackdevil’s hands, practiced to use Assassination, Invisibility and thousand of poison types into assassin since 4 years of age. In the year when she was become 19 she was one of the best assassins by Blackdevil.
Traditionally Blackdevil was taken a risk of life on assuming the leadership of Blackdevil every year, because of the mighty leader, there was no challengers since 7 years till now.
Sho Sho’s challenge was one greatest event for them. The event has been ended by Sho Sho with the victory against the Leader of Blackdevil.

Who had ever known getting killed by Sho Sho, his own daughter?

The rainstorm was gathering, thunder and lightning was pealing out in that night.
Sho Sho vanished into thin air with a single word to kill Gaiser. Her first step led to Hangzhou. Some significance smile began resting on her face on the way.